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At a 2-day workshop in a Kondhwa settlement, 14 young women discussed the gender dynamics that impact their access to technology and worked on a multimedia presentation exploring gender and technology.

All the women had heard about the internet but only a few had used it on phones. The girls were introduced to the internet as an interactive medium, different from TV because they could be more than passive consumers of content -- they could create their own content, and make their voices heard.

Over the two days the girls learnt to handle a camera, go out and shoot/record a story, write up a script and edit a small multimedia story of their own. This is their first presentation which deals with the attitudes they confront in their daily lives.

The group now wants to go on to make a film about the cybercafe in their neighbourhood. It is a boys' zone that discourages the presence of women. Why should this be so, they ask. The film they want to make is about women taking over that cybercafe!

The workshop was conducted by photojournalist Abhinandita Mathur, who is based in Goa and Delhi. Abhinandita has been an Open Space Fellow in the past, and worked on issues related to gender and masculinity with semi-literate boys in Delhi. She worked with members of a music group called Happy Gang to perform and shoot music videos on the subject of love, romance and relationships.

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