Netpehchaan Music Video

Our campaign video, shot on location in the bastis of Pune and Mumbai, communicates diverse uses of the Internet to those who are not yet online, and underlines the importance of Internet inclusion for low-income communities in urban India. The song has been composed and performed in collaboration with Dharavi Rocks, young musicians from Dharavi who create music on waste materials like plastic containers and cans


All about internet

Our internet literacy training module in Marathi provides an overall introduction to citizens in low-income settlements. The module outlines how to get connected, the different uses of internet, cost, use of different languages and more. The pamphlet accompanies the animated training video

The internet has all the answers!

CCDS's animated learning module introduces internet basics to audiences in simple Hindi.

It runs through what the internet is and how to connect to it, as well as some important websites and functions.


Internet try kiya?

CCDS's campaign shorts are intended for use as icebreakers and conversation-starters on the subject of internet access for digitally-excluded populations.

These shorts are useful in introducing people in low-income neighbourhoods to the internet.

The first short emphasises that the internet is equally relevant to people in informal urban settlements, and introduces its many uses.

The second short suggests how citizens can use the internet to draw attention to local neighbourhood issues and get them addressed.


Balle balle mobile phone!

This Dastan (story) by Ankit Chadha is an allegorical tale about a fantasy land where mobile technology is the most dominant technology and the customer is the king. The story, a satirical take on the mobile ecosystem in India, mirrors the ups and downs of our world in an effective way. Presented in the format of dastangoi – a lost art form of Urdu storytelling that dates back to Persia of the 9th century AD -- this dastan is unlike traditional dastans. It was customised for an audience that uses mobile, thinks mobile and believes that mobile can change the world.