Stories from the margins

Stories from the margins

‘True power’: The indispensable internet

Rudimentary access on mobile phones and slow connections notwithstanding, for users in low-income settlements the internet is fast becoming the repository of all information and the perfect tool in the quest for knowledge. It is also being used as a trusty online bank where valuable data can be stored

Access for the disabled

Vikas Waghmare, a visually-impaired systems administrator at a Pune NGO, discusses the JAWS screen reader program that has opened up the internet to him and allows him to keep abreast of tech developments and communities around the world.


Sabka Internet: The Guide

The economy around the internet is thriving in low-income urban settlements, regardless of barriers of literacy and language. This 17-year-old school drop-out charges a fee for setting up Gmail and Facebook accounts for the uninitiated, sells song and video packages that he transfers onto phones and pendrives, and serves as the neighbourhood guide to the online world. Much cooler than working in a local manufacturing unit, he says, and much more lucrative.


Surfing their way into the mainstream

Being from a low-caste, a community of waste-pickers and a slum dweller means various levels of exclusion. The children born to waste-pickers who belong to the KKPKP collective in Pune use the internet as one way to break out of the social exclusion

Sabka Internet: Facebook Family

The internet has brought a sense of freedom, sharing and belonging to the transgender community. This film made by Disha Kene explores the barriers she and some of her friends have overcome to get online, how they have learnt their way around the internet and how integral it has become to their lives and identities.


Inter-faith and inter-net: A love story

Love blossoms amidst adversity in a Pune settlement, and the internet keeps it alive

The liberation of the virtual space

Transgender Disha Kene discusses the joys of the inclusive virtual space and social networks, which allow TGs to be and do what they cannot in real life

The internet is a lifeline for transgenders

Dhun, a transgender makeup professional, discusses the importance of the internet for her identity, social support systems, and livelihood

Admissions online!

A transparent online application process helped thousands of children from disadvantaged backgrounds gain admission to Pune schools under the 25% reservation under the RTE Act


The world in a 20-rupee netpack

Law, lyrics, mashups and mehndi -- Mala Khorjuni of Ambedkarnagar explains the many different uses she puts the internet to


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